More trees.
More rewards.

Participate in our raffle for a chance to win great prizes from our partners.

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Here’s how the raffle works:

In addition to receiving rewards, you’ll also have the chance to win awesome prizes by participating in our raffle. We’re celebrating the spirit of solidarity, meaning for every tree planted we're giving away free bonus raffle entries and increasing your chances at becoming a winner. You can also receive a raffle entry by completing our short survey!
With so many great prizes to be won, there's no reason not to participate!

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Raffle details

Submission starts: December 16, 2020

Submission deadline: January 31, 2021

Winners Announcement: February 10, 2021

Submission format: Plant tree (each tree planted provides one raffle entry), Take part in our survey (provides one raffle entry)


Official Rules

Organizer(s): gamigo AG (address: Behringstr. 16b, 22765 Hamburg, Germany)

Participation Period: December 16, 2020 - January 31, 2021

Task: To participate in the raffle, tickets can be acquired. Each time you purchase a package from us or our partners for your games, the number of trees you plant is indicated. For each tree planted, you will receive a ticket for the raffle. You can also get an additional ticket by participating in our survey.

Number of Winners: Five unique prize packages will be awarded. First and second prize will be awarded once, totalling two winners. Third and fourth prize will be awarded twice, totalling four winners. Fifth prize will be awarded three times, totalling three winners.

    1. Monster Notebook Abra A5 15.5 + GIGABYTE Headset H5 (870 EUR)
    2.GIGABYTE Aorus K7 Keyboard + GIGABYTE Aorus M5 Mouse + GIGABYTE Aorus H5 Headset (300 EUR)
    3. GIGABYTE Aorus K7 Keyboard + GIGABYTE GM-M6900 Mouse + GIGABYTE Aorus H5 Headset (250 EUR)
    4. ROCCAT havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, ROCCAT 4800DPI RGB Gaming Mouse + ROCCAT Elo PC Headset (170 EUR)
    5. ROCCAT havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, ROCCAT 4800DPI RGB Gaming Mouse (70 EUR)

Procedure For Determining Winner(s) Prizes: Winner will be determined in the course of raffle from the tickets of all Participants on February 10, 2021.

Price Notification: The Winners will be notified by email at the latest two weeks after the raffle.

Processed Personal Data: We process the following personal data: For all Participants we process their email address and the purchased packages. If a Participant takes part in the survey, we will process the data provided there. For Winners, we will collect their name and address in order to send them their Prize.

Our Terms of Participation and our Privacy Policy apply.